Wednesday, December 31, 2003

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (*Crosspost Alert*)

Isn't it funny that the more things change, the more they stay the same?

I jsut hope that this year, a lot of things will change. More importantly, I hope I can make them change.

List of Ligaya's Things to Change:
1. My situation, especially my lovelife - Ano na talaga? Sino ba talaga?
2. My weight - Gotta be thin! As in REED-THIN!!!
3. My sleeping habits - Gotta sleep early, and I mean EARLY! (I SWEAR tonight's the last night I'll sleep late!!!)
4. My grades - MUST get a 1.25 this year in all my subjects!
5. My temperament - Must not snap people's heads off too much this year. But hey, I'm working on it...
6. My spending habits - I have a SERIOUS shopping problem ... especially where manga, animé, live-action Asian dramas, numerous fandoms, clothes, and accessories are concerned. ^_^;;; Not to mention that I'm being TOO galante with my orgmates... (Gee, not that I don't want to be galante especially with you guys, but...)
7. My phobias - Hey, I can float now! Whee. XD But only for 5 seconds ... and on shallow water (beyond four feet and I panic). ^_^;;; Ah well, progress IS progress right?
8. My eating habits - I eat too much sweet stuff! Not only am I fat, but my throat is SORE as well!!! XP
9. My procrastinating habits - Ooooooohhhh yeeeeeeeessssssss, this one too! Or else I'll never get a high grade...
10. My uninspired, frequently bored/depressed state - GET UP AND DO SOMETHING GIRL!!!

List of Ligaya's Things to Maintain:
1. Control - Am finally getting this back, little by little. I only hope this'll turn out for the better.
2. Discipline - Same here. Now to pry myself off the internet and the TV...
3. My singing voice - Gotta work on this!
4. My drawing and writing skills - These too!
5. My friendships - Really guys, I hope I'm not driving you away ... if I am I'm truly sorry, and only wish that we continue to remain civil acquaintances, if not intimate friends.
6. Passion - This is a bit easy to keep, but without #1 and # 2 I wouldn't have direction, which is passion with an aim ... and then passion would be useless, won't it? ^_^;
7. Determination - This ... is something I am struggling to maintain! I need this or else numbers 1, 2 and 6 would be beyond worthless.
8. Optimism - Another driving force (in fact, it encompasses my name and my mission in life), which I unfortunately am losing bit by painful bit ... to jadedness, cynicism, depression and pessimism. I guess the grass is still green in my yard.

... Gosh I hope I'm missing nothing out.

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Rest In Peace, Camille Ilustre (+ November 2003)

Girl, you shouldn't have killed yourself over that guy. After all, most guys are scumbags. Maybe you can avenge yourself on him on some other way? ^_^;

Friday, November 28, 2003

Some Changes

Mahal changed blogs, check at the side for more.
And my Ate is finally a Friendster freak! ^_^;;;

Tuesday, November 11, 2003


This site and its sister site are officially members of the Rice Bowl Journals. ^_^ Yay me.

Monday, October 06, 2003

More stuffs!

Didja see didja see didja SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE??? XD More new links and everythang, baby!!! ^V~v

Anyways, pahabol lang po... Maligayang Bati Ate Sasa!!! Pasensya ka na, nakalimutan ko, kaarawan mo pala kahapon... ^_^;;; Promise, I won't forget your birthday ever again!!! ;_;

Hi to all my otaky cosplay friends, to all my HS friends, to PLC2002B, to the KFClub, to the 7H gang, and everyone else who I know and love but am too ... er, I dunno how to put this ... uh, bangag to recall. ^_^;;; As to how I found your sites, let's just say we have common friends. ^_~v But please don't take it against me! T_T

Monday, September 01, 2003

This blasted code is PISSING ME OFF!!! >_<

Stupid Flooble, I tried to attach its mini-tagboard to my other blog's main template as the site instructed ... AND NOW IT'S SCREWED!!! ALL my posts can't be read anymore!!! >__________________< Anak ng puta!!!

(Of course, that makes ME stupid too for believing them ... *SIGH* ;_;)

*threatens tar and feathers on Flooble for screwing with Ligaya's blog*

Here's hoping it shows up HERE ... I'm pasting the code into this post as a last-ditch resort to see if it works...


Sunday, August 17, 2003

BLOGGING HELP (technical stuffs)

Guys, does anyone know how to turn the pages into frames? And can someone please help me out with the tagboards? After some serious thought I've finally decided to add a tagboard to my blogs, where I can expect instant feedback (now there's a word... XD) about anything right down to the layouts. However, since the older blog has less space and a huge guestbook with it, I thought it better to add the tagboard HERE. So please peeps, gimme a holler! (You may use the guestbook found on the other blog for comments, suggestions, etc.) Thank heaps!

Sunday, July 27, 2003

New Quiz

In my past life, I was ROYALTY.

See what your past life was like @ Pink Tigress!

-> Hah. I figured as much. XD

Sunday, June 22, 2003


Bloody crap, my other blog's DOWN, and I can't fix the font for this one so that the links at the sides aren't so huge and distracting!!! >____________< ::angry::
At least there are more links up now... -_-; Lecheng Blogspot! Why is it that whatever site/group/board I join in, I always have posting problems of sorts?! >_____________________< ::VERY angry::

More additions...

...To the blogs section, that is. ^_^v Not a lot though, since for some reason I can't find the URLs of the blogs of ALL my acquaintances and friends (how sad! ;_;).

I wonder how Fête de la Musique went...

I'm alone at home, since everyone else went to the Fête...


Saturday, June 21, 2003


Well, the layout looks a little cleaner now, and I've added some of the blogs of my friends (they come before the Links section to your LEFT). ^_^ Hell, even the computer now has more than 400 MB of free space now, YAYNESS!!! XD Unfortunately, my computer's going nuts for some stupid reason so it'll be a while before i update AGAIN... >_<

Wednesday, June 18, 2003


First, a correction - I've only put up QUIZ links, not the blog links. I still have to gather them all first. Please be patient. ^_^;;;

My new post (dated today) isn't being published in my other blog for some reason... >_< What gives?! Anak ng... *starts muttering expletives in as many languages as she can*


Okay, the links are up at the LEFT of these posts. ^_^ Enjoy!

Welcome! From now on I will be putting the other "trash" that accumulated in my blog HERE. ^_~ (O Nikko, be happy na ok?)

Me watching the new season of CSI and Moto GP with my sisters ... cool. Nearly had a heart attack...

Ok, will post in a bit!!! ^_~v