Monday, April 24, 2006

I finally did it. v^_^v

Yes folks, as of 23 April 2006, I am now a cum laude graduate of the degree Bachelor of Arts in Communication, major in Broadcast Communication, of the University of the Philippines (Diliman campus) College of Mass Communication.

See the complete set of my graduation day pictures here.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Kaka Fun Club at Alfonso, Cavite!

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OMFG. I am STILL itching with rashes, but I am SO happy to have had one last hurrah with the Kaka Fun Club (sans the Transient Freak... but that's another story) at Azalea/Hikari's vacation cabin in Alfonso, Cavite, which is at least 30 minutes' drive from Tagaytay. It's rather warm since it's in between mountains, but the cabin But not after everyone played two rounds of COZY and VERY pretty... and it's built on a modest estate with lush gardens, tons of gazebos, two hammocks, tons of coconut trees, nearly a dozen dwarf ponies, and TWO HUGE SNAKES (sawa! @_@). They were still building the walls when we arrived just this past Tuesday, but it looks good without the walls.

Unfortunately, during our entire trip no one realized that we forgot the following:

1) board games
2) playing cards (we borrowed some from the caretakers of the estate)
3) food (good thing the caretakers were so gracious to prepare something for us!)
4) and, ultimately, booze (we found some liquor shops on Tagaytay thankfully)

After quick shopping at Mercury Drug-Santa Rosa, and takeaway orders at Mushroomburger in Tagaytay, we arrvied at exactly lunchtime. After our Mushroomburger lunch, we played two rounds of bullshit, then half the Club went to sleep while Azalea and the Chiq N' Joy trio played speed and tong-its. We were treated to halo-halo, and then went around Tagaytay, we had a tough time deciding whether to go to the posh Tagaytay Highlands, or to the heart of Taal Volcano instead. Finally, we opted for the latter ... and found the tour guides only around sunset. Oh well. Too bad we couldn't go up to the crater since the 15-minute horse ride was ginourmously expensive, and besides, Chiqui was... incapacitated (that time of the month). But I learned a lot from our boatmen, and my trusty new mini-DV camera withstood the strangely salty waves that took us by surprise. And the people were friendly.

Dinner was a short affair of adobong tuyo, and everyone save for me took turns bathing. Then it was finally drinking time! Out of all the alcoholic drinks we bought, we only consumed the red wine, 1/3 of the HUGE Absolut Vodka (which tastes like metal and rubbing alcohol when taken straight - is it really supposed to taste like that?!), Sprite, 1/2 of Bailey's, and 2/3 of fresh milk. A good number of interesting things were revealed, which was FUN. XDDDD Once everyone and their cameras were low in battery, we all watched Kill Bill, making good use of the fast-forward button to the gory bits. But we didn't finish it because surprisingly enough, we were all sleepy because of the alcohol, so at 2:00 am (give or take a few minutes) EVERYONE was in bed. @_@

On Wednesday, I got up at 6:00 am to find Chiqui gone to bathe again. I went down to bathe after her while we waited for the rest of the girls to find the sun in their faces. (I'm glad I didn't bathe earlier though, the smell of alcohol really clung to our bodies. But damn, the sun was BRIGHT. I actually awoke at 5:30 am - I was wearing my watch into the night - and was so sleepy, not to mention too hung over, to kick the blankets off me.) Our resident goddess was the last to wake and complained that she was supposed to be up MUCH later in the day, but the corned beef, hotdogs and fried rice prepared for us was too delicious. Then we watched Beautiful Boxer, which is about Parinya the transvestite Muay Thai champion, and one by one people went back to sleep. Soon the Chiq N' Joy trio began playing tong-its, until finally I had to go home (I made arrangements so that I would leave earlier in order to check my graduation dress.)

Here are some things I learned overnight, mostly connected to drinking:
1) When I am tipsy, I still have full control of my mind.
2) ... Unfortunately, whatever little control I possess over my limbs just fly off the window. (It's a miracle I didn't drop my video camera at all!)
3) Chiqui hates cockroaches like the plague, I still despise insects, and Azalea/Hikari can kill insects like nothing.
4) Azalea/Hikari likes Bailey's, and thinksthat vodka served straight with no mix tastes like rubbing alcohol too.
5) Chiqui, like me, can be ecchi. (Oh noes! My secret's out! :O)
6) Chiqui has UNUSUALLY HIGH tolerance for alcoholic drinks (then again, she hangs out with Mica and Mia too much X3).
7) Neko, no matter what you do, will NEVER get drunk, act drunk or look drunk.
8) ...But Sherry will turn red with only ONE shotglass' worth of alcohol. Really! @_@
9) Besides Sherry and Diana, Cathy and Azalea/Hikari will get rashes due to alcoholic beverages and not lose them for some time (this is especially true for Azalea/Hikari, whose tolerance ranks among the lowest among us since she hardly ever drinks).
10) My talent/penchant/obssession with thinking aloud and talking to no one in particular multiplies when I'm drunk.
11) Tons of shameless and fun cam-whoring abound when we're drunk (, courtesy of Azalea/Hikari XD).
12) And finally, for some reason, I apparently haven't recovered from thesis stress, so although I've gained tons of weight (T^T), my tolerance to alcohol is still stupidly and dangerously low, and my body belatedly reactive to it! I still have blasted rashes, but at least they're concentrated strictly on my chest and back area now. >_<

Well, that's it. I need sleep, I've got a busy, early day ahead.

Gosh I miss the Kaka Fun Club. T_T

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I have taken time out of my busy schedule to tell all of you...


Thank you good Lord in heaven! {weeps for utter joy}