Thursday, December 16, 2004


Hey all! First off, CONGRATULATIONS TO THE UP COLLEGE OF MASS COMMUNICATIONS (where I am studying right now) FOR WINNING THE "MOST CREATIVE LANTERN AWARD" at the UP Lantern Parade held today, 16 December 2004! WHOOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! \^0^/ {cheers} (Of course, I'm a part of the Lantern Parade Committee as the overworked hardworking Broadcast Communication Committee Head. hence my justified bias. ;P)

Next, I've gotten HEAVILY into Ayashi no Ceres. Now, though I must admit I'm a Watase Yuu basher (I mean good Lord, Fushigi Yuugi may be the ultimate fantastic rendition of having an all-male harem at your beck and call but man, Miaka and Yui are THE PITS! XP), but A no C is SO compelling particularly if you approach it with the knowledge of celestial maiden legends. (There's one in my country, and it's arguably the only one where the maiden DOES NOT resist returning with him even if she is restored to her heavenly home.) If you like strong female lead characters, a solid and tightly-wound (and preferably revenge-centered) plot, magic-based stories, subtle drama and a bit of horror in your shoujo manga, I HIGHLY recommend this book. v^_~v At least its run has been completed (the Japanese and various Chinese versions are, anyway), at ONLY FOURTEEN VOLUMES to boot! ^0~ (That's a lot less considering how long most shoujo manga are these days! @_@) And for more enjoyment, here's the results of a quiz I took from Fighting Destiny: Ceres.Nu! ~_~

You're like Aya Mikage!

You're an ordinary person living a normal life, but things can change so quickly. Your life has turned upside down! You're battling against a part of yourself that seems unreal.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004


My blockmate owns Screwed Prophet. And right now, I'm still reeling because his blog is a Philippine Blog Awards Nominee (the lucky dog! T_T)!

Please support him by telling EVERYONE about his website. And it doesn't hurt to visit, at least you'll see why I believe he deserves the award here:

Thanks heaps and God bless you all! v^__________________^v

PS Many Happy Returns to my beloved Daddy, who turns 59 today!!! ^_______________________~