Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Stop the (Anti-)Presses!

Lately, my research in developmental communications and Iran(!) have made me learn about many new things like this:

Do visit this site. ^_^ If, like me, you clamor for press freedom, it's worth your time.

Saturday, March 06, 2004


I am The Lovers
The Lovers often refers to a relationship that is based on deep love - the strongest force of all. The relationship may not be sexual, although it often is or could be. More generally, the Lovers can represent the attractive force that draws any two entities together in a relationship - whether people, ideas, events, movements or groups.
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What tarot card are you? Enter your birthdate.

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...Interesting. >_>

Monday, March 01, 2004

UPD STUDENTS, PLEASE READ! (Public Service Announcement)

{Disclaimer: This did NOT come from me, although I certainly and completely share the opinions of the girl who wrote it. If you want to flame her, she's in my Friends List in Friendster. XD ^V~ (Uy, friends pa rin naman tayo di ba? v^___________^v) Well in any case, let ME know what you think!}


Hi, pips, elections na naman sa Tuesday para sa USC. Huwag po sana nating kalimutang bumoto. Don't think that your vote won't count (lalo na yung mga rightist ang mga centrist diyan).

Hindi pa ba kayo nagsasawa sa ultra-leftist attitude ng USC? Regardless sa magiging sagot niyo diyan sa tanong na yan, you should vote for the candidates whom you think will fight for what you believe in.

The voting population of UP is merely a fraction of the true population of UP. This goes to show that the voice of the true majority has yet to be heard.

Remember, election day is on Tuesday, March 2, 2004. Please vote.

Ohmigosh... I sound like an activist... *smiiiile*