Thursday, January 25, 2007

OHOHOHOHOHOHOHO. (If you're hit by my comments, PISS OFF.)

Mike Abundo has put up a little missive, "inviting" people to the Blog Parteeh for the sole purposes of dukeing it out.


I'd like to go, but really. I can't. I have something coming up for work (FL, you know what this is), so no matter how this is highly tempting for me to ditch work (and really, beating him up would be good exercise!), I've got my priorities.

Besides, really. In line with my current drive to improve myself, I will prefer to take the high road for now. Meaning, I will let karma bite his ass instead. {wide catlike grin}

Oh, and I refuse to drive traffic to his site by linking to the "invitation". I'm not that low. XD

I feel so sorry for the Philippine mainstream blogging community (as opposed to the niche bloggers like us cosplayers) though. Or maybe, just maybe, I shouldn't, since a significant number of them (take note, I DID NOT SAY "ALL" or "OVERWHELMING MAJORITY"!) really just think with their dicks but don't have the heart or the balls to admit it to themselves. Seriously. I mean, Dickweed Fucktard's the best thing since sliced bread to those people, so much so that they want to be associated with him all the time. =_=0

If you're one of those people who think he is the best thing since sliced bread, EITHER YOU COMMENT WITHOUT THE SECURITY OF ANONYMITY OR JUST PISS OFF - nothing you say or do will ever change how I think of him and of everyone who associates with him. v^_^v

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I want a new Blogger layout. This one is not me, and it's also boring me to death. >_>0
If only I knew how to code... {sigh}

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Getting Into Shape (Crossposted so everyone I know gets to read this)

After reading Hazel's vanity post, and re-reading sutil-chan's frequent posts on her fitness woes (too many to count v^_^0), I've decided to work out. Unfortunately, I'm not a gym rat; I really, REALLY would like to take martial arts classes, and maybe some beginner's yoga to help align my back while I'm getting fit. In any case, the gym will have to do for now because of time and financial constraints.

My biggest problem will be finding an exercise that tones the stomach BUT DOES NOT AGGRAVATE MY SCOLIOSIS. For those who haven't noticed yet, my abdomen is distended so that all my fat is concentrated there, my left leg is disaligned and I slouch forward so bad. I find it difficult to even do as much as sit up straight since it tires my back muscles. I know, I should work out my abdominal and back muscles, but like I said, the wrong exercise just might kill me (it certainly did seem like I would die the last time I did abs-related exercises - I could barely breathe and the pain wouldn't fade away four days after the exercise, even if I did a couple of stretches before and after). Sadly, I haven't had time to consult with the chiropractor I go to on this one; hell, I haven't had time to go to the chiro AT ALL. If anyone has tips, do drop a line please, because I haven't found any exercise that fits my needs at all, not even online. Trust me, I've looked; apparently fitness experts don't think people with scoliosis want to get fit too. >_<0 So far, my current weight is 128 pounds and my current waistline is 29 inches, though if I try really REALLY hard I can squeeze into 28-inch pants and skirts. I haven't been that huge since first year high school... WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY before I met everyone I know here. ._. (Even Mum and Dad are remarking on the roundness of my face now. Stupid Christmas chocolates. XP) My ideal weight will always be 115 pounds and my ideal waistline is still 27 inches; I hope I get to achieve that. So! With a will and a prayer (okay, make that a couple), I'm going to try and eat right, exercise right and sleep right*. Already even in this cold office I'm drinking more hot water instead of pigging out on food (though this means more trips to the toilet) and I eat fruits and vegetables on all my major meals. I skip rice when I can, and I'm working on minimizing my dependence on rice completely no matter how much I love eating the fluffy grains. I'm trying to keep my pillows as far away from me as possible since I've learned that sleeping with a pillow under your head aggravates the spine's curvature, which will make it even harder for me to straighten it (I no longer move around as much when I sleep, so usually my sleeping position is also my waking position). I'm trying not to cross my legs while I sit down and type this right now, either, for the same reason. And miracle of miracles, I haven't touched the chocolate-covered almonds that my aunt brought from the US since last week. I wonder how long I can keep this up? Sana naman hindi ako mawalan ng gana kahit hanggang March lang. I want to fit into all my new clothes, which were given to me on Christmas by Mum and my well-meaning relatives with my 120-pound, semi-flat stomach frame in mind. T^T

* Oh yeah FL, if any of you catch me posting or YM-ing 12:00 am onwards, please call me off. I've just realized I work on semi-negative motivation, aka panlalait. Thanks. v^_^v

Thursday, January 18, 2007

PORTED FROM VOX: Vox Hunt & QotD combo! v^_^v

Vox Hunt: [design is good]
Link: Link to the Voxer who has the best personalized Vox banner you've seen so far.

--> Definitely has to be sutil-chan bar none. :P (Yeah I'm pimping a friend, but so what? She really does have a kick-@$$ banner. <3 )

Qotd: Fictional World

In which fictional world/universe/land/city would you most like to live?
Submitted by glenn is the new chuck.  

--> Hmm, something shiny and happy and full of love and peace and stars and sugar and... I'm boring like that. XD
Okay, seriously? 
  1. The alternate universe where HEROES takes place in. Just so I can have the chance to glomp Hiro. (I don't ask for much. :P)
  2. The alternate universe where Sailormoon takes place in. For obvious reasons.  XD;
  3. Encantadia. Really. It's supposed to be a lush governed by four seasons, four faeries, and particularly strong elemental magic. It's very pretty. *_* (Alam ko, corny ako. XD;)
At this point, it's just about any place where there is magic, so I can cause mayhem! :P

Saturday, January 13, 2007


I enjoin all of you on my Friends' List - ALL! - to join Boys Don't Cry, Real Men Do, a fanlist dedicated to the kick-ass goddess Nissie/Rin. d^V~b

Much love to eL for putting up the site. ♥♥♥

Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Year Celebrations in Makati City, 2006-2007

New Year Celebrations in Makati City, 2006-2007

Video of festivities here in Makati City. I am not liable for any neck injuries my Blair Witch-like camera work might cause. :P

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Heroes 2007 Preview "Are You On The List?" (*crossposted from Multiply)

Preview Here!

Courtesy of one of my longtime friends, Ange. v^_^v Thanks for this dear! ♥ This completely removed whatever was left of my long and terribly annoying day.

Didn't have the heart to embed the video here since technically it's hers, and I didn't really ask permission to spread the Hiro HEROES love. v^_^v

Oh yeah...


Hope your holidays were grand yet peaceful, with little to no hassle on your end.