Monday, October 06, 2003

More stuffs!

Didja see didja see didja SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE??? XD More new links and everythang, baby!!! ^V~v

Anyways, pahabol lang po... Maligayang Bati Ate Sasa!!! Pasensya ka na, nakalimutan ko, kaarawan mo pala kahapon... ^_^;;; Promise, I won't forget your birthday ever again!!! ;_;

Hi to all my otaky cosplay friends, to all my HS friends, to PLC2002B, to the KFClub, to the 7H gang, and everyone else who I know and love but am too ... er, I dunno how to put this ... uh, bangag to recall. ^_^;;; As to how I found your sites, let's just say we have common friends. ^_~v But please don't take it against me! T_T