Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Check this out!

* Video courtesy of pointyman2000.

I kinda miss these kinds of idols, when they're all dancing and singing cutely. Most of the idols now are certainly more opinionated and more informed, making them more capable of controlling their own image. But, a lot of them are certainly much less cute and energetic too - it's like the whole world is gravitating towards seriousness and gravity. X_x

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Workout Journal (25th Jan to today)

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Sooooooooooooooo... I've noticed that exercising at night increases my adrenaline and my heart rate. This keeps me up at night. I'd like to exercise in the mornings but the gym doesn't open till 8:00 AM, and by that time I'm usually either preparing to go to my office, if I'm not on the way there already. It also causes me to eat more since I'm deprived of sleep, and couple that with the hectic activities of the past few days which pretty much kept me from exercising. It's no surprise that I've returned to my original weight of 128 pounds. Ugh. X_x

This Tuesday (6 February) I decided to take a huge risk and enroll in a 6-session training regimen with one of the trainers at my gym. I guess I was sold hook, line and sinker to Sir Romel (the trainer)'s unabashed pride at having greatly improved the self-esteem and health of one of his clients when he was still in Fitness First Manila - imagine, from being a gangly duckling with rather severe scoliosis, she became this beauty pageant material in three months (I saw her picture. She's not spectacular at first glance but yeah, she was brimming with confidence and that made her look very pretty in her own right.)! And so I signed up. ^_^0 I know it'll remove PhP2,500+ from my salary, but if I budget really well I know I can afford it. Besides, he really did know his stuff - besides checking my BMI (body mass index) and heartbeat, he also tried some exercises on me so he could gauge how bad the curve of my spine was and the direction of that curve as well. In fact, he's tailoring the programme to my needs so that my body won't be overwhelmed by all the physical stress brought about by exercise. AND he gave me a power stretch-cum-massage afterwards, which felt goooooooooooooood. ^_^

Sir Romel also taught me how to use all the other exercise machines at the gym and assisted me in exercises, especially the abdominal-core muscle exercises like modified crunches. And I also learned how to compute my BMI from him. My BMI is currently 24, which fits the desired BMI range for my body type of 18-24.5. But he said that the best BMI range for me would be the average, which would be at around 20-21. To reduce my BMI by 3 notches, I have to lose 6 pounds, which leads me to suppose that 1 notch of the BMI is around 2 pounds. But to have a BMI of 21, I have to weigh only 122 pounds ... which is okay, but still above my desired weight of 117 pounds. I wonder if the weight of 117 pounds might make me underweight. But is it wrong to want to know how being underweight feels like though? ^~^

I've returned to SparkPeople, an excellent site recommended by the lovely Mew Pudding on, of all places, Although if you think about it, it does make perfect sense - most fictional characters wear tight-fitting and/or little clothing these days that just the slightest flab would make you fat. The great thing about it is that there's a growing Filipino (part Fil-Am, part-Noypi) community there called Filipino Pride. I joined it and now we're keeping track of our weight, food intake, diet and exercise regimens together. The people there are so positive that it's very nice to be around them, even it's all just online. I hope my weight- and health-conscious friends (FList, hint-hint! XD) join it.

Well, I better get ready to leave for the gym soon (I'm winding up my activities for work here at the office). Tonight, I start my regimen. Good luck to me, I hope I'll be alive after tonight. v^_^0

Current Weight: 128 pounds (again!) >_>0
Current Waistline: still 29 inches though as before I can still squeeze into 28-inch clothes
Ideal Weight by 31 May 2007: 117 pounds
Ideal Waistline by 31 May 2007: 27 inches