Wednesday, December 31, 2003

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (*Crosspost Alert*)

Isn't it funny that the more things change, the more they stay the same?

I jsut hope that this year, a lot of things will change. More importantly, I hope I can make them change.

List of Ligaya's Things to Change:
1. My situation, especially my lovelife - Ano na talaga? Sino ba talaga?
2. My weight - Gotta be thin! As in REED-THIN!!!
3. My sleeping habits - Gotta sleep early, and I mean EARLY! (I SWEAR tonight's the last night I'll sleep late!!!)
4. My grades - MUST get a 1.25 this year in all my subjects!
5. My temperament - Must not snap people's heads off too much this year. But hey, I'm working on it...
6. My spending habits - I have a SERIOUS shopping problem ... especially where manga, animé, live-action Asian dramas, numerous fandoms, clothes, and accessories are concerned. ^_^;;; Not to mention that I'm being TOO galante with my orgmates... (Gee, not that I don't want to be galante especially with you guys, but...)
7. My phobias - Hey, I can float now! Whee. XD But only for 5 seconds ... and on shallow water (beyond four feet and I panic). ^_^;;; Ah well, progress IS progress right?
8. My eating habits - I eat too much sweet stuff! Not only am I fat, but my throat is SORE as well!!! XP
9. My procrastinating habits - Ooooooohhhh yeeeeeeeessssssss, this one too! Or else I'll never get a high grade...
10. My uninspired, frequently bored/depressed state - GET UP AND DO SOMETHING GIRL!!!

List of Ligaya's Things to Maintain:
1. Control - Am finally getting this back, little by little. I only hope this'll turn out for the better.
2. Discipline - Same here. Now to pry myself off the internet and the TV...
3. My singing voice - Gotta work on this!
4. My drawing and writing skills - These too!
5. My friendships - Really guys, I hope I'm not driving you away ... if I am I'm truly sorry, and only wish that we continue to remain civil acquaintances, if not intimate friends.
6. Passion - This is a bit easy to keep, but without #1 and # 2 I wouldn't have direction, which is passion with an aim ... and then passion would be useless, won't it? ^_^;
7. Determination - This ... is something I am struggling to maintain! I need this or else numbers 1, 2 and 6 would be beyond worthless.
8. Optimism - Another driving force (in fact, it encompasses my name and my mission in life), which I unfortunately am losing bit by painful bit ... to jadedness, cynicism, depression and pessimism. I guess the grass is still green in my yard.

... Gosh I hope I'm missing nothing out.

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Rest In Peace, Camille Ilustre (+ November 2003)

Girl, you shouldn't have killed yourself over that guy. After all, most guys are scumbags. Maybe you can avenge yourself on him on some other way? ^_^;