Thursday, December 16, 2004


Hey all! First off, CONGRATULATIONS TO THE UP COLLEGE OF MASS COMMUNICATIONS (where I am studying right now) FOR WINNING THE "MOST CREATIVE LANTERN AWARD" at the UP Lantern Parade held today, 16 December 2004! WHOOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! \^0^/ {cheers} (Of course, I'm a part of the Lantern Parade Committee as the overworked hardworking Broadcast Communication Committee Head. hence my justified bias. ;P)

Next, I've gotten HEAVILY into Ayashi no Ceres. Now, though I must admit I'm a Watase Yuu basher (I mean good Lord, Fushigi Yuugi may be the ultimate fantastic rendition of having an all-male harem at your beck and call but man, Miaka and Yui are THE PITS! XP), but A no C is SO compelling particularly if you approach it with the knowledge of celestial maiden legends. (There's one in my country, and it's arguably the only one where the maiden DOES NOT resist returning with him even if she is restored to her heavenly home.) If you like strong female lead characters, a solid and tightly-wound (and preferably revenge-centered) plot, magic-based stories, subtle drama and a bit of horror in your shoujo manga, I HIGHLY recommend this book. v^_~v At least its run has been completed (the Japanese and various Chinese versions are, anyway), at ONLY FOURTEEN VOLUMES to boot! ^0~ (That's a lot less considering how long most shoujo manga are these days! @_@) And for more enjoyment, here's the results of a quiz I took from Fighting Destiny: Ceres.Nu! ~_~

You're like Aya Mikage!

You're an ordinary person living a normal life, but things can change so quickly. Your life has turned upside down! You're battling against a part of yourself that seems unreal.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004


My blockmate owns Screwed Prophet. And right now, I'm still reeling because his blog is a Philippine Blog Awards Nominee (the lucky dog! T_T)!

Please support him by telling EVERYONE about his website. And it doesn't hurt to visit, at least you'll see why I believe he deserves the award here:

Thanks heaps and God bless you all! v^__________________^v

PS Many Happy Returns to my beloved Daddy, who turns 59 today!!! ^_______________________~

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Ara, my other blog's layout can no longer be fixed! O_o How sad! T_T Bye-bye Y_Y

So, to cheer myself up...

Take the anime accessory quiz

take the guardian quiz

Take the CCS Guardian quiz!


Wednesday, September 22, 2004


As I wasn't able to talk to most of you on Saturday and I don't have most of your cellphone numbers, I have no choice but to ask you HERE.

I need your help badly. My radio show goes on the air TOMORROW (THURSDAY), SEPTEMBER 23, and I'm STILL lacking one guest because my original guest, Ate Dice/Krizelle, can't make it tomorrow (the other guest's Kuya Igor, and although he's said he'll try to bring another person with him for my radio show with my blockmate, I can only rely on the word TRY). Please, PLEASE text me at 0917-8163296 ASAP that you do not have a day job and that you ARE free from 10:30 AM to 12:00 NN on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 23.

Also, if you agree to be an interviewee, please fill up the following and email it to me ASAP at


HOBBIES: (wholesome please)
LIKES: (anything wholesome under the sun)
DISLIKES: (anything wholesome under the sun)
DESCRIBE YOURSELVES: (wholesome please)


Sorry for all the questions but this IS a personality interview, so we'd like to get to know you all a bit better before we go on the air tomorrow. Before I forget, the interview will be at DZUP, Broadcast Media Center, College of Mass Communication, Plaridel Hall, UP Diliman (if you're coming from University Avenue, go all the way to the Oblation and turn left; it's at the LEFT-MOST BUILDING and is ACROSS THE COLLEGE OF MUSIC/ABELARDO HALL).

I'm waiting for all your replies (SMS and email) by 2:00 PM TODAY, SEPTEMBER 22. Thanks heaps!!!

M. J. “J-Y” Bordador
Manila, Philippines

Friday, September 10, 2004


This must be payback for my ignoring my other blog for my Livejournal, because now...

...IT'S MESSED UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP!!! T________________________T

I SO wanna cry now... It's been my favest layout for a year or more! T_____________T

{weeps inconsolably}

But at least I'm going to be the first to experience THE BIG MOVE!!! ~_________________~

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Ode to Joy

You are the Chosen, one of the few privileged mortals that gods can work through.

What level of divine power do you have?
brought to you by Quizilla

->... That's certainly how I feel right now, after going through the hell that is XXXXX XXXXX and back. ^_^

How to make a ligaya

5 parts pride

5 parts brilliance

3 parts empathy
Combine in a tall glass half filled with crushed ice. Serve with a slice of curiosity and a pinch of salt. Yum!


Personality cocktail

->...This is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO me. XD XD XD (Yuck, conceited!!! ;D) Although, 3 parts empathy LANG?!?! Lugi!!! Olats! Sauli- bayad!!! >_<;;; SOBRANG emphatic kaya akesh; may nakatabi lang ako nahahawa na ako sa aura niya, at minsan pa lumalapit lang ako sa isang gamit o lugar tapos ang lakas ng pakiramdam ko doon! >_> *whacks whoever made the quiz*

Ooh! My crush has his own BlogSpot. Whee. XD XD XD Happy Happy Joy Joy... ^_________________________~

Monday, May 17, 2004

One of my ultimate joys - and sorrows...

Hello all! I finally decided to post here. Has anyone missed me? I hope so ... because I'm not in a good mood, I'm afraid.

Dad's at the hospital right now, having a check-up. I hope it's not cancer or some severe respiratory ailment. He's my only true ally in the whole wide world, the only one who really knows me from end to end. I love him SO much even if we fight.

I know it's odd, but given the family's current circumstances, I have decided that it would be best for me to keep quiet about them all. Even if I've told a LOT of people already about the situation...

Ah well. No use getting depressed. Must sleep now, goodnight.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Stop the (Anti-)Presses!

Lately, my research in developmental communications and Iran(!) have made me learn about many new things like this:

Do visit this site. ^_^ If, like me, you clamor for press freedom, it's worth your time.

Saturday, March 06, 2004


I am The Lovers
The Lovers often refers to a relationship that is based on deep love - the strongest force of all. The relationship may not be sexual, although it often is or could be. More generally, the Lovers can represent the attractive force that draws any two entities together in a relationship - whether people, ideas, events, movements or groups.
For a full description of your card and other goodies, please visit

What tarot card are you? Enter your birthdate.

Month: Day: Year:

...Interesting. >_>

Monday, March 01, 2004

UPD STUDENTS, PLEASE READ! (Public Service Announcement)

{Disclaimer: This did NOT come from me, although I certainly and completely share the opinions of the girl who wrote it. If you want to flame her, she's in my Friends List in Friendster. XD ^V~ (Uy, friends pa rin naman tayo di ba? v^___________^v) Well in any case, let ME know what you think!}


Hi, pips, elections na naman sa Tuesday para sa USC. Huwag po sana nating kalimutang bumoto. Don't think that your vote won't count (lalo na yung mga rightist ang mga centrist diyan).

Hindi pa ba kayo nagsasawa sa ultra-leftist attitude ng USC? Regardless sa magiging sagot niyo diyan sa tanong na yan, you should vote for the candidates whom you think will fight for what you believe in.

The voting population of UP is merely a fraction of the true population of UP. This goes to show that the voice of the true majority has yet to be heard.

Remember, election day is on Tuesday, March 2, 2004. Please vote.

Ohmigosh... I sound like an activist... *smiiiile*

Thursday, February 26, 2004

More Quizzes

I've written a review about a movie that I feel will become one of my favorites in the other blog. Check it out please and let me know what you think! ^_~v

Ok, now that that's done, here are the other surveys! ^V^


Botan. You're very cheerful and bubble-y. Sometimes
too much. You can also be very clumsy at

Yusuke Urameshi. You give off an "I don't
care" attitude. You most likely cause alot
of trouble, but you don't mean it. Sometimes...

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A Yu Yu Hakusho situation quiz.
brought to you by Quizilla


You are naturally born with a gift, whether it be
poetry, writing or song. You love beauty and
creativity, and usually are highly intelligent.
Others view you as mysterious and dreamy, yet
also bold since you hold firm in your beliefs.

What Type of Soul Do You Have ?
brought to you by Quizilla


Too sweet. You're a true angel! Nice as you are,
you always give out a helping hand. Just beware
that other people don't take advantage of your
goodness! It's not so bad to do something for
yourself once in a while!

Are you an angel?
brought to you by Quizilla

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

As promised...

Some more quizzes! ^_^


You are Form 3, Unicorn: The Innocent.

"And The Unicorn knew she wasn't meant to
go into the Dark Wood. Disregarding the advice
given to her by the spirits, Unicorn went
inside and bled silver blood.. For her
misdeed, the world knew evil."

Some examples of the Unicorn Form are Eve
(Christian) and Pandora (Greek).
The Unicorn is associated with the concept of
innocence, the number 3, and the element of
Her sign is the twilight sun.

As a member of Form 3, you are a curious
individual. You are drawn to new things and
become fascinated with ideas you've never come
in contact with before. Some people may say
you are too nosey, but it's only because you
like getting to the bottom of things and
solving them. Unicorns are the best friends to
have because they are inquisitive.


You are Form 7, Gryphon: The Wyrm.

"And The Gryphon displaced the balance of
the world in his favor. With grace and
control, Gryphon deceived mankind and ruled
over civillization. But even he realized that
all good things must come to an end."

Some examples of the Gryphon Form are Satan
(Christian) and Baphomet (Assyrian).
The Gryphon is associated with the concept of
control, the number 7, and the element of wind.
His sign is the gibbous moon.

As a member of Form 7, you are a very in control
individual. You maintain your coolness in most
situations and always seem to be prepared.
Though some may say you are a bit of a control
freak, you know that you really do make the
best leader even if others can't see it.
Gryphons are the best friends to have because
they have a positive influence on people.

Which Mythological Form Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla


You have a fiery soul. You aren't the quickest to
get angered, but when you do get angry things
can go really wrong really fast. You are
generally very passionate in the things you do.
(Rate my test)

What force is your soul?
brought to you by Quizilla


You are soooo LOVABLE!
Waaah! You're so LOVABLE! Everybody likes you,
because you're a great person to have around
and it's always happy about everything ^^.
congrats! and...can I hug you?? plz! ^///^

Yet another personality test ^-^ (nice anime pics!) NEW outcome!!
brought to you by Quizilla


SUPER-SUPPORTIVE: You're an amazing friend to have!
No one messes with your buds when you're
around. Go girl! But rememeber one thing: Don't
get your feeling hurt when friends are not
always willing to make the same sacrifices!
Would you please rate my quiz, my fellow
chicka? You don't have to or anything of
course, but i'd apreciate it so much if you
would! Thanks girl!

Do YOU really STAND-UP for YOUR FRIENDS? (For da' LADIES only please!)
brought to you by Quizilla


Sandals- peaceful, daydreamy, and thoughtful, you
often find yourself staring into space. When
you aren't out volunteering you are often just
dreaming away. You enjoy the company of
friends sometimes but enjoy peace and quiet.
[please vote! thank you! :)]

What Kind of Shoe Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla


Ok, I've been up WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY past my bedtime. ^_^; Gotta get some shut-eye! G'night! ^~^

The Goddess is back!

Hello all! How is everything with you? Did you miss me??? Good! I LOVE being missed! v=^_^=v

Anyways, let's start by answering some quizzes!


You are one of the few out there whose wings are
truly ANGELIC. Selfless, powerful, and
divine, you are one blessed with a certain
cosmic grace. You are unequalled in
peacefulness, love, and beauty. As a Being of
Light your wings are massive and a soft white
or silver. Countless feathers grace them and
radiate the light within you for all the world
to see. You are a defender, protector, and
caretaker. Comforter of the weak and forgiver
of the wrong, chances are you are taken
advantage of once in awhile, maybe quite often.
But your innocence and wisdom sees the good in
everyone and so this mistreatment does not make
you colder. Merciful to the extreme, you will
try to help misguided souls find themselves and
peace. However not all Angelics allow
themselves to be gotten the better of - the
Seraphim for example will be driven to fighting
for the sake of Justice and protection of those
less powerful. Congratulations - and don't ever
change - the world needs more people like you.

*~*~*Claim Your Wings - Pics and Long Answers*~*~*
brought to you by Quizilla


My inner child is sixteen years old today

My inner child is sixteen years old!

Life's not fair! It's never been fair, but while
adults might just accept that, I know
something's gotta change. And it's gonna
change, just as soon as I become an adult and
get some power of my own.

How Old is Your Inner Child?
brought to you by Quizilla


You are a Khaos angel. You are different from all
the rest. You are a special breed of angel,
prone to suffer in the world that you are in
now. No matter how much you try to believe that
your not special, you are. There is alot that
you want to do in this world. Khaos angels are
very dramatic, we tend to have the ability to
cheer people up no matter what the mood, and
hold in your emotions. You should be proud,
Khaos angels are very rare to find in this
world of ours... (and yes. you are a completely
different type. Hence the name
"Khaos" and not Chaos. quite strange

What Different Kind of Angel are you...? ( Anime-ish pics )
brought to you by Quizilla


And there are still more to come! ^_~v

Monday, January 19, 2004

Got me an LJ!

Hello folks! I got me an LJ account ... look for me HERE.

However that doesn't mean I'll discontinue my use of Blogger and BlogSpot after my long existence here. Thank you! ^_^

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

My first quiz in AGES!!!

Me with Koneko here in the UP Shopping Center, aka Little Quiapo (more on the real Quiapo in the other blog), aka DiliMall (according to my MP 165 prof). Couldn't resist taking this quiz seeing that I haven't taken one in AGES. ^_^;;;


Your: Cool kitten. Your super cool, cute and popular. your sweet on the guys and totally into fashion. You are naturally a perfectionist and are very artisitc.
Your: Cool kitten. Your super cool, cute and
popular. your sweet on the guys and totally
into fashion. You are naturally a perfectionist
and are very artisitc.

What kind of cat are you?
brought to you by Quizilla


Heeheehee. Bagay ano? XD