Friday, November 09, 2007

Sanrio to me: Im in ur brainz pwning ur soul wid teh cute.

I hate this. I know I should be staying away from the overcute, but it seems like I'm genetically programmed to not only gravitate to it, but to have it gravitate to me. 6=.=0

Like I said in the previous post, the cuddly characters of Sanrio Corporation (Zashikibuta, Charmmy Kitty, BadBadtzMaru and Kuromi of the latest My Melody anime in particular) owns my soul so bad, I think I need to switch layouts, get icons and - especially since I can't seem to find any - make my own mood themes (good luck to me! X_x). @_@

The fact that SanrioTown has unofficial blogs dedicated to characters (with the consent of SanrioTown and Sanrio) - emo-Kuromi, punk-ass BadBadtzMaru (already picking fights just a day after he starts blogging, hahaha XD), angsty and oft-ignored older twin Mimi/Mimmy (I hate to say this but I can relate XD), ever-optimistic Kerokeroppi (whose whole gang from Donut Pond abuses his account XD) and suddenly-moved-out-to-live-in-with-his-girlfriend-in-Paris Zashikibuta (no I am no joking!) - is sucking me in really, REALLY deep. v=_=0 It's just really strange though that there are tons of other characters who don't have blogs yet - Kiki and Lala the Little Twin Stars, My Melody, Pochacco, etc. Unfortunately, I can't really blog them ... with my nickname in SanrioTown being the woefully unclever "PusaCat*" I'm hoping to blog as Charmmy Kitty, who is originally Kitty's pet (!) but who I think deserves to be an anthropomorphic sentient character in her own right. I mean, she's a friggin' Persian cat, which calls up images of decadence, snobbery and generally being posh and painfully hip and will most possibly be either like Paris Hilton or Alicia Silverstone's character "Cher" in Clueless. X3

* Bonus points to those who actually know what local TV show PusaCat came from and who played her onscreen! XD (Yes I am jologs, I think I already established that a couple of entries back. XDDDDDDDDDDDD)

PS I just realized I still don't have the Hello Kitty layout I want for this page. And I'm still as woefully unclever in coding one. Can anyone (save Boobman Asstard Linkwhore who still can't code his own layouts despite having seven years of web optimization experience >_> YES THAT MEANS YOU ABUNDORK) help me please? X3