Thursday, December 20, 2012

The 3rd Birthday.♡☆☺

It has been a year.

So in the course of 12 months, 52 weeks, and 365 days, I have kept myself busy with work and with life.

I've earned some new clients, and held on tightly to old ones. I have had two assistants assigned solely to me, which has taken a bit of getting used to since I'm hardly mentor material, but I think this has helped boost my productivity.

I have witness my older sister getting married, as well as three of my closest friends; while others have gotten engaged and gotten together. (There are those who regrettably are no longer together, which makes for awkwardness, but I will figure it out.)

In these past 52 weeks, I have gotten back in touch with old friends (the ICTUSians and some college blockmates), and I have made some exceptional new ones (the Hiddlestoners, the Yuppie Days With The Lord community).

I obviously have gone for broke in many ways, but where my finances have suffered (OUCH), my life and even my work have been enriched.

I went through a severe crisis of faith. Both my faith and I have survived it. 

I have never tried so much great new food in my life!

I have taken self-defense lessons and continue to get back into shape. I have gone through most of my triggers (I was in EDSA on Christmas Day 2011; mid-June 2012 was memorable, because being surprise-shunted into the Quezon City Post Office rendered me a barely-functioning depressant till the end of July; and today I'm off to Eastwood, taking the route I was held up on to get to the destination I would never reach this night last year). I have actively worked for and confronted a number of my attackers, and even if they eventually posted bail, I am no longer afraid of them.

And most of all, while the incident has reduced my capacity to become creative (I hate it that trauma does these things to me), it has not yet succeeded in reducing my will to live and fight.

I like to think I'm winning.☺☆♡

* Most photos on Facebook; fashion and cosplay shoots on Lookbook, Chicisimo.

Monday, December 10, 2012

For A Religious Country Known For Its "Goodness", Our Inability To Pursue Social Justice Is Inexcusable (edit)

So, apparently here we go again: Yahoo! Philippines News: Cabbie arrested for passenger heist; victim says robbers molested her.

I've tried to get in touch with the victim here, but she won't talk to me. Which makes me sad, because her story is also all over the news, just like mine was in that day.

And now, there is this new development:  InterAksyon: GET OUT OF JAIL FREE: Senate OKs bill allowing indigents to post bail without paying fees.

On one hand, I am still very sympathetic towards people who are still stuck in the dredges of society. But I am finding myself increasingly frustrated with how many of them will resort to violent, hurtful means to bring themselves up, and with many of them having an excellent source of protection (FROM THE VERY AUTHORITIES THAT HAVE BEEN APPOINTED TO SAFEGUARD CITIZEN'S RIGHTS, NO LESS). Like a good friend said, "lahat tayo naghihirap, lumaban naman sana sila nang patas (we are all facing hardships, can't they fight fairly?)."

Hmm, this blog is becoming a huge pursuit for social justice. Ah, well.