Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The 25s: The Ultimate Gratitudes or The Intangibles That I'm Grateful For

Of course, I am no ingrate. I have realised that I have been very lucky. And so, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I would love to return my love to the universe in this manner.
  1. My family, which keeps me grounded and sane no matter what happens. 
  2. The chance to talk to my older sister again - her birthday falls near or during the Thanksgiving weekend, which is a plus (November 23rd)
  3. My newest job, yay! (Can't believe I forgot this. XP)
  4. The chance to determine who and what my friends REALLY are
  5. University of the Philippines In-Christ Thrust for University Students (UP ICTUS) - almost 30 years and counting! Anniversary next week! Nihil Fide Sine - Nothing Without Faith! Never Without Passion! \^0^/
  6. The opportunity to lead Reach Out Otaku 
  7. Mommy Gemmy, for founding Reach Out Otaku
  8. Costume play - I don't care who invented it, bless their souls for making it popular! XD
  9. Graduating college with cum laude honors - I'd had such a hard time, but even now I still don't think I deserve it, because by technicality alone I shouldn't have gotten honours in the first place.
  10. The opportunities to prove that I am human and thus capable of feeling, compassion and change.
  11. People who, in rare occasions (I speak from personal experience), love me more than I love them, and way more than I love myself ... I cannot count you all, but suffice it to say you're all on Blogger and LJ too. :P
  12. Many boys and men from ICTUS and the cosplay community, for teaching me that not all men are as terrible as I've been lead to believe - there is a LOOOOOOOONG (and unfortunately very tragic) story behind this, and you will NEVER pry any of the details out of me! v^_^v
  13. The problems that cast shadows in my life, because I beliefe God never gives us what we cannot handle.

...One of these days I WILL do a photo-collage here. I love my sister, but we're ruthlessly competitive sisters, and today is one of those days when I just can't stand how pretty her LJ is next to either of my blogs. v^_^0

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