Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Check this out!

* Video courtesy of pointyman2000.

I kinda miss these kinds of idols, when they're all dancing and singing cutely. Most of the idols now are certainly more opinionated and more informed, making them more capable of controlling their own image. But, a lot of them are certainly much less cute and energetic too - it's like the whole world is gravitating towards seriousness and gravity. X_x


Jac said...


nyuu! link me link you? =^.^=

Jac said...

yay! I found your blog :D I'm also looking for Presea's blog...

Link me link you? ;)

Ligaya said...

Ack, hello! Sorry for the delay. v^_^0

Sure link me go ahead!

Presea's is somewhere here in the FilOtaky section to the left of the layout. :3