Thursday, October 11, 2007

Yes I am alive, thank you. :3

Things have been very interesting for me lately, but not all of them will make the light of day here for very personal reasons.

However, what I can tell you is that I've put up a new fanblog to contain my Granado Espada fan ramblings here: Cartas y Dibujos con la Familia Lucido. Thanks to my friends DeSanggria-player and NineMoons-player for the patience! Thanks to this game my interests in drawing, writing, European history, European culture and historical fiction have resurfaced. Don't worry guys I'll be posting my stuff real soon. v^_~v

Also, I have been getting into Hello Kitty madness bigtime, that I have bought PhP1,200.00's worth of merchandise (basically DVD+Rs, a parasol and a showerhead) off my friend Jac's sister. I KNOW I shouldn't be spending, but honestly, just you wait as I will be walking into the nearest Sanrio store today! XDDDDDD;;; I even got back into, and reclaimed my old username "pusakat" ... ack, wait, that was supposed to be "pusacat"! >_<000 Neener neener.

I want a Hello Kitty layout for this blog! Would anyone out there know of any?

Anyway, I'll be off again!

PS To a stalker of this blog: I haven't been updated with whatever fuckery you've been doing in ages, and I think we've established long ago that I highly dislike everything that has to do with you, so it is just so very sad that you have to keep stalking this fairly insignificant blog of mine. X3

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Mike Abundo said...

One of the victims was pregnant. Three of them were promising young developers.

Why do bombs always kill the wrong people?