Monday, January 07, 2008

Microbes pwn my soul.

Happy New Year everyone! Hope your holidays were good. X3

As if my growing addiction to Charmmy Kitty is not enough, a friend of a friend introduced me to the most ridiculously cute and hilarious sci-fi/slice-of-life anime comedies to come out of Japan this past fall season: Moyashimon, Tales of Agriculture.

It's about this freshman at an agricultural university whose talent is seeing and communicating with micro-organisms. By this I mean bacteria and germs mostly, but I guess this extends to virii, amoeba, fungi and others like it. If you name it, I guess he pretty much can talk to it. And he sees the microbes in cutoid glory, so lovingly drawn, animated and voiced that it's difficult to remember that many of them are actually disgusting (and even dangerous) little creatures. XD There's even a Microbe Theatre 5-minute short at the end of each TV episode where the microbes interact with each other and discuss their raison d' etre very cutely and comically.

As my greatest frustration is that I am so far removed from my doctor, dentist and pharmacologist relatives because my eyesight is so bad and my entire personality is better suited in the arts and geared towards cute things, this satisfies my latent geekiness for biological things quite nicely. It's obviously very educational, and succeeds in being so especially because it presents the subjects of micro-biology and agriculture with an interesting slant. The facial expression of the girl who showed this to me was quite priceless once I began talking (originally to her, but as it was to no-one in particular) about showing this to my pharmacologist aunt and cousin, who've done work with bacteria until recently (our family owns a drugstore, and they used to produce our own medicines until the bacteria and other ingredients were too expensive to cultivate and purchase). XD;

True to form, the labjunkie animanga fans are spazzing over this, and an increasing number of them have even provided highly informative yet very digestible notes and discussions. Here's one by Riuva (a Food Sciences and Technology major) and a whole slew by ~cerulean88 of Livejournal (a Biology major) to enhance your enjoyment of the show.

Alrighty, back to work. Will scour for more Moyashimon goodness sneakily in between. XD;

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