Sunday, July 27, 2008

Glasses = 1, contacts = 0. XD

One of the last projects I encountered at work was about contact lenses. Having worn glasses since I was seven years old, everyone here and everywhere has asked me why I don't ditch glasses for contacts. It doesn't help that cosplay is a hobby that's particularly biased towards contacts usage, particularly the usage of coloured and "circle" lenses which both serve to alter the appearances of the pupils.

But at long last, I have a great answer. X3

ABS-CBN article
Fashion Japan/Japanese Streets article

...So, minna, wear 'em at your risk. :P

* Photo of Shiho "Sifow" Fukuda, gal entrepreneur extraordinaire, rockin' the HRGs. Thanks to malignita of kogal_panel at LJ!

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