Monday, January 12, 2009

Abre las puertas dela memoria

One of my acquaintances posted all our old, grade school pictures on Facebook. I'm sure some of you here know exactly who and what that's about. ;P

I remember looking and feeling ugly and hideously fat, lacking total coordination during PE and most especially gymnastics class, being the one of the tallest girls in class at the time (this was before everyone else caught up with me during puberty, LOL), being angry at so many of my classmates, doing crazy things and stupid things (not like that's ever changed...), killing off sewing machines, having magic hands with craptastic computers, cramming loads of Individual Work, having one of the biggest barkadas the grade school department had ever seen, wearing stuff which seemed OMGAWESOME! at the time, occupying the entire driveway playing patintero, lunch on the covered court floors, retreats at Tagaytay, making friends with girls from bitterly opposing political dynasties (it still makes me happy that they seem to get along up until now), massive sticker picture love, booster participation during cheerleading contests, making friends, and of course, being in that yellow-and-white gingham uniform which made us so distinct to the world at large - and so laughable to other girls' schools. (Friends who come from said other girls' schools, aminin. XD)

Oh! The girl who unloaded our old photos was classmates with a girl who I consider my first love. And now, I am finally able to took at their class picture without feeling anything at all for that first love, except for a twinge of what might have been. (Naks, drama! But yeah. ;P)

But to be honest, even with all the shit that school threw at me, I will always regard my life in Poveda Learning Centre with fondness in my heart. ♥

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