Thursday, September 10, 2009

The 25s: Things I Want To Do Before I Die

This list has been carefully thought of and not yet deliberately filled out. Well, so far these seem the most feasible things to do.

  1. (Learn how to) fall in love freely for once, and maybe even admit to the object(s) of my affection of my feelings for him/her(/them). Stand by my decision that Mahal is truly worth all the pain I'm going through to be with him, worth being the only one for me. Preferably marry him for keeps at Church. 
  2. Put all my favourite charity work in order. Re-instate Reach Out Otaku so that a firm system is in place, and it keeps going through at least two standard activities for years on end. Return some of my time, talent and treasure to ICTUS as well.
  3. Do something insanely daring and not at all associated with me. Learn how to swim. Learn how to ride a bicycle and a motorcycle. Learn how to dance. Learn how to sew clothes and a costume or 10.  
  4. Learn how to DIY around the house. Really. 
  5. Travel. A LOT. Preferably return to South Korea, China, Italy and/or any Schengen country ASAP, and finally go to Japan and Israel. Possibly visit Argentina while I'm at it. 
  6. Watch a full Motograndprix race day live at either: Sepang, Malaysia; Laguna Seca, California; or Motegi or Suzuka, Japan.
  7. Meet my penpal Sarah and catch up on so much lost time.
  8. Catch up with the Seven Habits Pioneers gang.
  9. Compose music and create videos, and possibly make music videos! I used to be able to do so back in broadcasting classes, but I've lost the skills. DX
  10. Get in touch with my geek self and go marathon the following: Battlestar Galactica (which my sister K likes), The X-Files (which my sisters love), Xena: Warrior Princess, Star Trek (though I am partial to The Next Generation, I should try the others like the original 1960s series and Deep Space Nine), Heroes (K and I are still sad it got cancelled ToT), The Journeyman (underestimated series IMHO),  and... am I missing anything?
  11. Go to a gyaru meet-up, learn para-para well enough to be able to dance properly without tripping all over myself, and generally have fun and be true to my gyaru-at-heart self. 
  12. Finish all my cosplay plans and ease my way into permanent cosplay retirement. (And learn how to make my own costume in the process.) Para na rin may maisuot ako kung sakaling... a basta. X3 Akin na lang muna ito.
  13. Have a super-glamourous photoshoot taken by involving up-and-coming photographers, hair and make-up artists, and possibly stylists with a strong gyaru sensibility. Para naman maramdaman kong maganda ako. XD;
  14. Train in martial arts and self-defence.
  15. Run a marathon that's either locally staged or for all of Asia. 
  16. Become as cool and as calm as ice on winter. For the sake of sanity and efficiency.
  17. Fix my meager properties and business (costumes, animanga, games, bank accounts, insurance, budget!!!, etc.), and invest in stocks and retail treasury bonds if necessary. Obviously this means I have to earn and save a lot. v^_^0
  18. In fact, my goal is to EARN PhP500,000.00 A MONTH within the next 5 years. 
  19. Get Midwest Ocean and Practical Love up and running ASAP, again to help Mahal and myself with the PhP500,000.00-a-month goal. Now if only I weren't so tired all the time... =_=000 
  20. Confront THAT PERSON peacefully and calmly. Ayoko nang magalit. Ayoko na ring matakot. Ayoko nang mag-atubili. Wala na akong panahon. Pagod na pagod na ako sa paghihintay. Closure MUST come no matter what.
  21. Get people to watch over me and also take care of whatever may lie pending during - and possibly after - the confrontation. I DEMAND these people to be friends who will stand by me regardless of the outcome.
  22. Set the record straight with some family members, and ensure that no matter what happens, our family remains strong.
  23. Make amends and be at peace with everyone and anyone I can remember off the top of my head.
  24. Party hard with all the people I love while I can. Preferably all at the same time, all together. 
  25. Live freely with very few regrets, if not none at all. 

...Pero geez. Masyado talaga akong atat magplano. Matagal pa naman ito ano!! ;P

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