Saturday, September 11, 2010

Oplan Kaligayahan: Pag-asa

First things first: How's the new look of my blog? v^.~v I finally got tired of my old layout and I chose to fix it myself. I hope y'all like it! :>

As I've already shared in one of my pages above, I'm taking part in The Happiness Project. It looks very interesting and fun, and I'm actually excited to take part. ^~^

One of the things that makes me extremely happy are learning about the random, everyday events in life that cause joy for other people. I don't mind that they don't happen to me, but I also enjoy sharing events I've had a hand in which have made other people happy.

Allow me to share with you one of my favourite sites ever - Gives Me Hope. What's better is that for bloggers in the Google family like me, there is a widget available for embedding GMH posts in our blogs for as long as Google will support them, whee! d^_~b Enjoy! ♥

Gives Me Hope - Life Is Beautiful Today!


Eden said...

the new layout is gorgeous, babe! and what a sweet widget to have!


Miku said...

Gracias por comentar!!

Al final adjuntaré ambos blog, así que espero que, aunque no te guste la idea de fusionarlos, me sigas siguiendo y comentando.

No es que no se pueda mantener un blog para un interes específico, es que no tengo tiempo. Y como no me gustaría dejar ninguno de los dos muertos, pues...

La nueva dirección:


Ligaya said...

@Eden: Thanks heaps sugar! ♥ Glad you like it! I just tweaked what Blogger had, haha. dXDb

@Miku: Hola chica! Muchismas gracias para comentar! Voy a dar un comentario más detallado en su blog lo más pronto posible nuevo (aunque se perderá definitivamente el viejo blog!). Besos! ♥

Miu-chan said...

Me alegro mucho de que te guste el nuevo blog =)
El problemilla con la letra lo he solucionado de momento. Es unos tonos más oscura que la de antes, así que espero que ya no te moleste tanto. Si te sigue molestando, avisame y la vuelvo a oscurecer ^^

Un beso!! =)

Lizz said...

This was a good find. SOmetimes I get so busy during the day that I forget that I should be grateful for all the things I have. Thanks for sharing this! It'll remind me that happiness is truly all around.

Ligaya said...

Hi Ms. Lizz,

Welcome to my humble abode and thanks for the response! I hope you enjoy GMH as much as I have.