Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Wala nang nagpapasaya sa akin.

My thesis is a mess, people who are supposed to be civil enough to at least reply with a "sorry, we can't help you right now" won't even call me back on important matters (particularly the production crews I've contacted for the purpose of my thesis), this fucking PC ain't working AGAIN (it hung for like... the nth time already, and my HDs decided one by one to just die), my broadcast journalism outline is screwed up, AND I read this fucking post.

This must be, "Hey let's make J_y miserable today!" day WEEK.

I'm trying not to cry (again) as I write this. But this is too much.

If no one hears from me tomorrow I do hope you will have it in your hearts to look for me, or to at least come to my funeral.

And I'm making this public - though screening comments - just to be emo.

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