Thursday, February 23, 2006

Heaven is a call center.

Dear God,

When I prayed that I wanted to finish my documentary for BC 133 and my thesis (BC 200) within the same timeframe, I DIDN'T say and certainly also DIDN'T MEAN that I wanted to have ALL the interviews for both subjects at EXACTLY the same time. Of course, I may have worded my prayer wrong, but I DID say that all I wanted was just to finish everything at the same time ... and not DO everything and the finishing at the same time.

So now I implore You, please, PLEASE help me move my GMA-Encantadia staff interview to Monday or Tuesday next week, because having it this Friday would require me to become three persons, and sadly I am unable to retain my one-ness unlike You once I have been split into three.

Thank You and Amen.

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