Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Six Random Facts About Me

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That said, let's get it on!

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1. I know I talk to myself. And I actually LIKE it. ^_^000 My locomotor skills are lacking, and besides, my mouth is much closer to my brain than my hand is. Memorization comes naturally to me. ^_^000

2. I enjoy annoying my friends and my family. I particularly enjoy picking fights with my mum and sisters. I don't know why, but I'm guessing it's because they used to annoy me a lot. (Payback time! XD)

3. I still haven't been kissed on the lips. Sad but true. The closest I got was when Vicente kissed me but that was on the cheek and nothing more. I believe that’s because...

4. I am not comfortable with face-to-face romantic relationships. Still. My messed up life explains a lot. And at the rate things are going I'm not sure I ever will be comfortable with them. (But my beloved Mahal is so wonderful that he always inspires me to try. I love you Mahal, wherever you are!)

5. I can actually be quite the bitch (goddess v^V~v). This was proven when Mr. "I have 7 years of web experience + I am the VP of a company regarding nascent technologies" chuva charva came along. (I'm not putting his website here unless you insist, but I'm sure a lot of you have an idea of who I'm talking about. Instead I'll redirect you to Distant Sparks’ blog Kizuki Houou so you can get to the site at your own risk. I don’t want to give him any more publicity – and cash, as far as I heard – than he has already got so undeservedly. XP) I’ve heard from the cosplay grapevine that people are actually SCARED of me now. v^_^000 For proof I present Around The World Forums, Filcosplay, Cosplay.ph, fellow bitch goddess Nissie’s uesugi_rin, and my LJ, _ligaya_, look for references to “Boobman” XD

6. I am a Roswell junkie. My Ate is to blame for making all of us watch it. I watch it not only for the story (which sadly became more convoluted with each passing season, no thanks to the endless ring-a-round-of-posies the production team had to play since so few networks wanted to air it T^T), but also for the delicious and talented Colin Hanks (who was [SPOILER ALERT] killed off in season 2 – man I wanted to kill their entire production team for that!!! >_<000) and lead actor Jason Behr, who I still swear is the perfect actor to play Shinji Ikari should Peter Jackson and his team decide to finally make use of their rights to the Neon Genesis Evangelion movie.

**Stupid PLDT DSL disconnected me RIGHT WHEN I WAS SUBMITTING so now I had to change #6.XP Tae.

PS Many Happy Returns to Mahal! ♥

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