Monday, December 18, 2006

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

An end-of-the-year survey/meme from a friend in LJ (Paris would know her very well). Code's very basic and rather ugly in my opinion, but I don't make this stuff. v^_^0

Looking back on 2006
About You...
Name:Ma Jocelyn Bordador
How old were you in 2006?:22
What was the most important thing you discovered in 2006?:I've changed so much in the past 8 years, I hardly recognize myself.
What will you always remember about 2006?:It's the year I've become stronger and regained some sense of self.
In 2006 did you...
Keep your New Years resolution?:Yes and no
Go on a holiday?:Yes, twice. XD
Change jobs?:Yes.
Buy anything from eBay?:No. I don't trust them there.
Prank call someone?:No.
Get drunk?:Yes, but didn't have a hangover.
Get high?:No.
Fall in love?:Yes.
Break up with someone?:No.
Get married?:Doesn't apply.
Get divorced?:Doesn't apply.
Stop speaking to someone?:Yes.
Kiss someone?:Sort-of, I think... do cheeks and family members count?
Kiss someone whose name you can’t remember?:No.
Make a new friend?:Heaps! XD
Do anything embarrassing?:My year wouldn't be complete without having done something embarrassing. v^_^0
Do something that you thought that you would never do?:Oh hell yes!
Do something you have always wanted to do?:Yes
Do anything that you regret?:Sadly, yes.
Do anything illegal?:I hope not, but I think I did...
Break a promise?:Sadly, yes.
Lose something?:Too many things to count...
Go crazy?:Oh hell yes!
Best of 2006...
Movie:Happy Feet! XD ...Does Brokeback Mountain count? :3
TV Show:Encantadia/Etheria, NANA, Heroes
Song:Rose by Anna Tsuchiya tied with Glamourous Sky by Mika Nakashima (both NANA)
Album:Blue Monsoon by Sound
Thing you bought:See "Album". And also my shoes from Liliw. <3
Memory:Too many to mention, but most of them seem to be cosplay-related.
Worst of 2006...
Movie:I'll get back to you on this later...
TV Show:Jigoku Shoujo - too many loose ends, not much sense. So much wasted potential. Oh, and House and most local soaps.
Song:Taralets by Imago, Hitoiro by Mika Nakashima (I dislike whoever composed it XP)
Album:That one by Paris Hilton. UGH.
Hangover:I'll try to add that before 2006 ends. XD
Memory:Losing stuff. Saying goodbye to my sis (even if it's only for a year). Being in the middle of fights. Being betrayed. And that one thing I don't EVER want to remember.
About 2007...
What do you want in 2007?:Weight loss. Idealism tempered with pragmatism. A raise - I keep getting all the this-is-WAY-much-for-the-n00b-to-handle-but-let's-give-it-to-her-anyways jobs. XP
Is there anything you would do differently in 2007?:I would definitely try to be less paranoid and less temperamental.
Do you think it will be a good year?:I don't want to assume anything.
What do you look forward to most about 2007?:More financial independence, emotional stability, and contentment. Oh, and the possibility of meeting people.
Do you have a New Years resolution?:To trust more, love more, bitch less and hate less.
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