Monday, March 05, 2007

Long-Awaited Workout Update: Feb-Mar 2007

Holy cow, has it been THAT long? @_@

Well. Since so many things are keeping me busy, I'm making this post short and sweet.


  1. I can do crunches now, as so many of you already know. XD
  2. I can actually TOUCH MY TOES. Granted, it's not without a lot of some effort, but it has never been so possible. And I can actually do it with little strain on my back, which is a plus.
  3. Some of my clothes fit again! (Well, not all. T^T But some!)
  4. I can walk briskly for 15 minutes straight without getting winded. Found that one out on Friday night when I walked from my house to McDonald's on Jupiter Street and back again.
  5. I actually have the discipine to continue doing this. I've passed the 21-day mark for forming a habit out of exercise, and now I try to turn even common activities into mini-workouts. Fun fun fun. d^V~b


  1. There's no real difference in my weight. I'm still 128.5 lbs according to the gym scale, which I consult for consistency's sake. O_o
  2. Mum's birthday came up (on the 26th) and the whole house is doomed has been tasked to finish the large rectangular chocolate mousse pie that her subordinates and colleagues gave her. I've been good with the fruits, but I've never been good at resisting sweets, so this is instant death, almost literally. X__________x
  3. Ever since I had to discontinue my sessions with Sir Rommel, I've been kinda lax on some exercises in terms of execution. Not to mention that with the variety of exercises he made me do, I don't quite remember how to do each one.


  1. My knees HURT no matter what exercise I do. I can compare it to when you pull a piece of string (or even rope) on both ends too hard that it threatens to split in half. Do you guys think it's because I went to the gym religiously every day up until last week, which was when I forced myself to NOT go every day because of the pain? And does anyone know what I can do to minimize possible injury? I want to be fit and get thinner but I don't want to break my knee joints and make my knee muscles split in half. T^T
  2. My birthday's coming up. And as you all have noticed, diet regimen pretty much fly out the window when someone's birthday comes up at home. I will love anyone who can suggest something that's delicious and sweet, but doesn't pile the calories and carbs heavily.

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