Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Under the weather and the aftermath of a party.

Hi everyone! I'm sorry I disappeared. I went on a swimming weekend out with friends, but because of the cold water and the changeable weather, I got really sick. Even now I've got a cold, and my coughing hasn't stopped yet. Cold weather and I have never agreed with each other (I still wonder how I was able to last so long during Christmas vacation last year in California). I'm also not feeling up to anything lately, to be honest, because I've begun disliking what my job so much. XP I do hope everyone's doing well. I mean, even Mum is sick too. D: (I'm taking care of her I promise! ;o;)

The recent Filcosplay/Cosplay.Ph party was fun, but I'm sure I'd prolly have enjoyed more if I was physically better. I mean, the pool was fairly shallow (but the water was hella COLD XP), the location was splendid, and there were tons of games and food to be had, plus a couple of laughs too. Although unfortunately, a rather notable sigh that was seen by all of us can no longer be unseen. X_x000 Thanks to everyone from who came, and good job to all of us who were there on the organizing side! d^0^b

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