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All my cosplay friends have posted a reaction to an article (okay, two) written on the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Here's what I can say about it:

...Sorry, had to skim the page. Got more important things to do like... well, work and think about whether or not I'm going to the Air Supply concert with Mum who is so dead-set on it. @_@.

EDIT: I'll be reprinting my post and her defense in a very heated discussion thread in Filcosplay, where my post was originally right under hers (but trust me it was pure coincidence when that happened; it was the only time I was able to read it and react to it for myself).

Here's my post:
My points :
1) Alodia (the cosplayer featured in the articles)'s own article was too short and devoid of explanations. I don't know if they edited the h311 out of it or if she just kept it short and sweet. I know that most writers subscribe to the KISS rule - Keep It Short & Simple - but this was too simplistic and obviously didn't cover everything about cosplay, or at least cosplay as it is done here.
2) I kinda lost respect for Pam Pastor (the author of the feature article on Alodia) when she took the helm of Super (a lifestyle section of the PDI on which comes out only on weekends), but right now I don't think I've any respect left for her at this point. I know that she still answers to the higher-ups in the Inquirer, but really, did she have to pander so much to Alodia? Look at the slant of the article and see for yourselves.
3) I am seriously hoping that no one else from Alodia's circle, in particular the snivelling Boobman Linkwhore (this guy needs no introduction, LOL!), had nothing to do with the article. And I am also hoping that Alodia sincerely knows what she's doing and where all this is leading to. The first time I met her, I thought she was a nice, sweet girl; now while I don't dislike her, I'm not quite sure what or how to make of her anymore.

And here's her defense, part 1:

I couldn't help but let you all know of what happened. The interviewer merely asked me to list 5 tips for starters/young people. Never did she mention it being an article which will be entitled "What makes a standout cosplayer". And the funny thing is, it was separated on its own, which was never mentioned in the first place. All I know is that it was just part of an interview.

@ (member whose response she didn't like #1): "But hey, you are reading something written by a girl born rich already who knows not a thing about sacrificing allowances for hobbies. "
- I beg to disagree. I save up my allowance and spend on some of my costumes. At one point, I even had to argue with my mom. So I used up my saved allowance to cosplay with my Angel Sanctuary group. Most of the other apparel I use for cosplaying are bought with the money I earn from doing art commissions. Please don't assume what you are not sure of.

Anyway, I apologize if this article disappointed you. But as what I have mentioned above, I never knew it was going to be a separate article and they even changed the parameters just by changing the title. I have witnesses to this because I asked for help from other people in making this article; and, just for you guys, I captured a screenshot of the interview she sent me through email:

Here's part 2, after she got chewed out by my colleagues (and friends) in cosplay:
to (member whose response she didn't like #3): here is the fifth one which the writer excluded:
"Fifth, don’t rush your costume. Always plan your costume, maybe at least a week before the actual event. This will give ample time to remedy any problems just before the event."
I sent this to her, but found that it was omitted from the final write-up. This does not apply all the time, but I still find this very important because I've met cosplayers who were getting disrobed due to the glue not completely drying up just yet. Anyway, I see your point on being resourceful. I'm sorry. I could've suggested & written that as well because I find that very true. (I've mentioned 'resourcefulness' before for interviews in the past, but I just missed it out on this one because of the sudden deadline. Boo~ D: )

to {a more rational fanboy - she has MANY): Haha, I only started lurking here again a few days ago because my PC wouldn't allow me to log-in before (technical problems). But in the future, I hope to become more active. It's a risky thing to try to put cosplay into the mainstream because of things that may be misinterpreted by the media people in charge. We have very little or no influence on the end product even if we carefully choose the things we say. Their lack of knowledge about the community seems to make them think that it's fine to add/omit things to make things look/sound more catchy. Even to the point of creating an altered or entirely new meaning out of what you've just said. :[

to (mod-colleague #1): Thanks a lot for the tips (mod-colleague #1's real name). Anyway, again I apologize if this didn't turn out as expected because I've seen things differently based on the time how I, as another cosplay contestant, mingled with other cosplayers during a con (years back, many things may have changed now); and because of how the final article turned out. (The writer never replied to me with the final output of how things were dissected, segregated and laid-out. I only got to see it on the day it was released. So, it shocked me as well.) Anyway,If ever something like this happens again, I'll make sure to consult you guys first.

But obviously a lot were dissatisfied with her apology (their responses are long and kinda repeat themselves, since obviously Alodia doesn't quite get what they're actually saying), so finally, here's defense part 3:
Hello everyone,

to (member whose response she didn't like #1): It's ok, I understand your point. If I were another person, I might have reacted that way if we didn't know what truly happened. :] I'm sorry about the mishap at the m3con though. I hope nothing like that happens again. Thanks for the compliments on my costume. But I think my works are nothing compared to those armor costumes or super detailed outfits that I've been seeing during the past cons. I recognize their efforts and admit I envy them because they are able to make such. For years, I've dreamt of cosplaying the likes of mecha/armor, but I'm still not skilled enough and it might cost a lot. I got to ask how much the LOTR resin costumes (Toycon 2004) costed. The price blew me away, P20k. But they were really nicely done, and they deserved every bit to bag the 1st and 2nd prize at that time. I really admire the skills of those who can make these kinds of costumes. :]

to {the more rational fanboy): I just couldn't have left this issue because it seems to keep flourishing more hatred (my term for something which disappoints people) for the wrong reasons. I explained my side because I'm concerned about this as well and I'm glad you understand. I hope others would do too. Thank you for the 'WB', btw~

to (mod-colleague #2): I sent my answers around 2-3am Monday and asked when it will be posted. She did not reply to me, then saw it on the newspapers last Wednesday. How could I even ask for more questions if she didn't answer to my 1st simple inquiry. Yes, I've been cosplaying for five years, and that's how I view things. Those are my opinions and personal tips to hand out young people. Cosplay is expensive to youngsters(give or take, 11 - 17, is my definition of young). I don't know for you guys, but P500 seems to be already a lot for me or to others at that age. I've encountered people my age (when i was 17, 3 yrs ago) who want to start cosplaying with me. I told them to have at least P500, but having heard about how much it costs to cosplay, that they tend to back out immediately. I'm more thrifty than you think. (kuripot in other words). You are right with "cosplay should be fun, that's why it's a hobby not work." I never considered cosplaying as work. Creativity and resourcefulness? Though, I failed to mention those in this one, I've said this a lot of times in other interviews. I just find it redundant if I keep on saying the same things.

I'm sorry if i failed to notify everyone about this through my blog, because as soon as I posted about it on my blog, I left the house for a shoot with a different newspaper publisher. Don't worry, they didn't interview me or ask for cosplay tips etc, another less thing to disappoint you guys. yay~ I'm the process of coming up with my new journal entry about this. I'm sorry if I update slow, I've been out and about for the past few days, because of school (helped out in my art org in school for the incoming freshmen), shoots and other errands. Shall update it soon.

to (fairly impartial best friend): It really is hard to keep up when you are not sure of what might happen to your work. A simple little part of an interview turned into a whole new article, edited without my approval, under my name, with a new title which changed the whole concept... Sigh.. Anyway, I hope I don't hear much about this issue anymore.

to (mod-colleague #3): I don't think I have the authority to ask her why she omitted some lines since she is the writer. I never really considered myself as a writer so I believed that she has more authority and experience with handling real articles than me. I just simply answered what she asked of me.

to (comics giant-turned-cosplayer): Thanks (comics giant-turned-cosplayer's real name), ~ Preachy? Don't worry. It's fine. :] I'll be more careful next time. But I just cant be so sure on how it'll turn out because I don't get to see the final outcome after they have been published. I've experienced this a lot of times. After asking giving to them what they want, no word, until I just see it come out with alterations. :c *sad*

to (indie comics giant-turned-craftsman): Your comment seems a bit harsh. But anyway, I'm not doing all these just for myself. Cosplay is a hobby I enjoy and would like to share to other people. I just get featured for something I love doing. Like you said, if others didn't matter, I wouldn't have come here. But I do care, which is why I posted. I'm not saying that everything I wrote is perfect. It is most probably faulty especially if you guys disagree on it. But we cannot disregard what really happened to this issue. I was upset too that never did the writer mention to me that it will be a separate article with that title. Have I known that in the first place, I would have done my research and answered differently.

I've explained my part hoping that you would understand and took into consideration most of your suggestions. I just really want to apologize to everyone if my works are not good enough. The things I do just seem to meet up to the standards. But then again, I still keep on trying.

I thought I was irresponsible in this feature article with the same broadsheet a year ago, but I don't know if I should be comforted or disturbed by the fact that Alodia hasn't really progressed much by way of conducting a better interview, considering that she's been in the media spotlight for much longer.

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