Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yes I live!

Hello from the tadpole-shaped island of Corregidor ... which is where I'll be spending my 26th birthday! d^_~b It'll be crazy interesting as we have an event at work today. I also heard that a certain fiction writer's coming to town. v^.~v

(I just realised I look like Medusa in this photo. XD;;; Sorry if I scared anyone.)

The past three months have been nothing short of stressful and tiring, but they have also been great learning experiences for me. Now I would like the universe to give me a dozen quid more of the existing pesos on my bank account, so that my birth day would be just this short of perfection. X3

Also, some of you know this already, but I'm going to be spending time with my Mahal during my (terribly short) vacation in the next two weeks! ^________________^ ♥ That is, bar none, the best birthday gift ever. Ah, all this running around is gonna be worth it, I can tell. I am hoping I'll be able to blog more and even get to fix this, but we'll see, eh?

Anyways, until then, see you around! :P

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