Saturday, November 05, 2005


This is about a person who isn't worth my time, but who brilliantly works my easily frayed temper into overdrive. His name is ODNUBA EKIM (in reverse please), aka Mr. Moron.

Consider yourselves warned people.

Me: I understand that you used the name "PinoyCosplay" for your new board. I also understand that you may have been spurred into creating this board along with Ms. J.P. because of personal and political reasons which may or may not have to do with the politicking that is sadly rampant in FilCosplay.

Moron: It's not about politics. It's about programming.
Did you know that the domain has an estimated 25% downtime? Did you know that's frame structure prevents login session persistence, search indexing, and individual page bookmarking? Are you aware that required registration renders external links useless to nonmembers?
As a social media web service,'s design flaws make it unacceptable. Thus, we built a service without those design flaws.

Me: However, I would like to say that the "old-timers" of the PinoyCosplay eGroup/Yahoogroup do not approve of you taking the name arbitrarily and most of all, WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION. I for one am particularly aghast because most of the moderating rights currently belong to me, after a consensus with the other moderators.

Moron: With all due respect, no one needs your permission. Please refer to a similar scenario in Singapore.
Nevertheless, I still recognize your past contributions to Philippine cosplay. Our merger offer stands. Don't let pride get in the way of a chance to better serve the Philippine cosplay community.


--> So it's all about programming now is it? Is having a cosplay community like Filcosplay all about "downtime," "login session persistnce," "search indexing," "individual page bookmarking" now? Something tells me you watch too much sci-fi flicks, boy. I never thought I'd live to see the day when even the very word "community" ceases to exist in the vast expanses of cyberspace.

Also, if the original founder of FilCosplay were to talk to you now, I am sure she herself would say that she created our group not because she wanted it to be a social media web service, but because she just wanted a place for cosplayers like herself to hang out in. She originally created it to be closed to non-members, and we not only respect her decision but her reasons for doing so.

Now I would not mind having the name copyrighted but you see, in the linked post you mentioned about, the copyrighted name in question was COSPLAY. NOT "Pinoy Cosplay." They are two entirely different things. Think of it this way - EVERYONE uses the word "cosplay", BUT ONLY FILIPINO COSPLAYERS USE THE PHRASE "PINOY COSPLAY" in any and all possible transmogrifications thereof. I suggest you look into this page. It contains statements I have salvaged from the old layout of the old Pinoy Cosplay website, and I quote them verbatim from the list's original owner to see what exactly makes a Pinoy Cosplayer, because frankly, I don't believe you deserve to be one at all. You are not above sexual exploitation, no matter how mild, just to promote yourself as a legitimate cosplayer. Granted, there are many instances when flesh overrides skill as a factor for winning cosplay contests, but at least those who have won (I have not) have used their skills in costuming, absorbing the characters (even temporarily) and understanding the characters they portray in order to clinch their prizes. And they have always made it a point to emphasize that cosplay isn't just about titillation and staying under the spotlight, pun intended.

As for the legal technicalities of this, I admit that the Philippines does not have enougb laws protecting cyberspace abuse in any form, and even less teeth to enact these laws, but I also believe that this is because the principle of freedom of expression, which is stated in our constitution, has always been the goal in mind among Pinoy Netizens. However, with freedom comes responsibility, and this responsibility is to make sure that one's freedom does not step on and hurt another's. Unfortunately, I believe you have abused that freedom by 1) openly refusing to ask for permission to use the name "Pinoy Cosplay", 2) creating a flamboyant site with the name "Pinoy Cosplay," which sadly seems to be advertising the revelation of skin and the perks of persistent, unabashed self-promotion when cosplay has always been about promoting your favorite character, your personal skills and your personal fulfillment at having fun while in costume, and 3) getting the Creative Commons License site to vouch for you when you did not even come up with the moniker that started five years of growth for this growing hobby. I am only consoled by the fact that you have not been able as of yet to register the name fully, and I dread to think that you might do it soon.

I do not regret declining your offer, or any other offer you wish to present to me later on. Go ahead, keep the domain name, I obviously do not have enough money to buy it. But please do remember that the label "PinoyCosplay" is not just a label, but a full of history and a demanding, overwhelming sense of social responsibility, which I am sad to say you lack, if your incoherent, inaccurate statements in our forum and your blog picture alone are all that an outsider have to go by.

It was so difficult for me to write this as calmly as possible, but it DOES beat sending you a notice asking your presence at court, or sending fellow cosplayers and our personal friends to finish you off, though indeed those two scenarios are tempting.

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