Monday, November 14, 2005

REPOST: First-ever foray into weblogging - MARCH 2003

** I am reposting all the posts I've retrieved from my first-ever weblog, which has sadly passed on. This section will be their new home, at least for the meantime. I guess I can't let it go just yet, so pardon my poetic waxing and all that sentimentality stuff. Thanks for understanding. **


Sunday, March 09, 2003

<--3/9/2003 09:21:35 PM-->

Hello! This is Ligaya, signing on. ^_^

I didn't want to do it, but I couldn't help it...Anyways, this is going to be an online journal that I'll be posting on INTERMITTENTLY, depending on my schedule. So please, be kind. (Although really ... who'd want to read it? I'm such a boring person...)

One more thing: All the info here is as close as you'll get to the real me, so you can't do anything about it. No stalkers, flames, obscenities, etc. can be directed at me at any time for any reason. Questions about intimate details of my life will never be entertained. And yes, if you really must know - this is just a screen name.

Well! Let's begin!

<--3/9/2003 09:34:37 PM-->

Pakshet. I couldn't get into some of my old accounts (namely ezboard, Topica, GirlTalk, etc.)!!! No thanks to their stupid administrators I had to fill out new profiles and add new accounts. Is that RIGHT?!

And my search for a free web server provider ... let's not even go there. XP

My body hurts from sooooooooooo much dancing... @.@;;;
And my head hurts from that bloody Econ 11 exam...

Hope tomorrow gets better! T_T


Wednesday, March 19, 2003

<--3/19/2003 07:21:11 PM-->
And a VERY (UN)happy Birthday to me, too...

Paaaaaaaaaaksheeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! Of ALL the times the US, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal and Iraq to pursue war, it just HAD to be on my birthday. (My birthday was on the original deadline flung by the US to Iraq in order for the latter to destroy all its supposed "weapons of mass destruction.") No thanks to all of them, we are living under the shadow of war here in Asia right now... XP

The stock market's predictably down, the exchange rate between my country's currency and the US dollar has gone completely off the wall, and we have only 65 days' worth of crude oil plus only about 13 million metric tons to tide us through the crisis. I mean, dude, SIXTY-FIVE DAYS' WORTH OF CRUDE OIL?!?! Who the hell is the government kidding?!?!
>_________________< Worse, my body STILL hurts from the awkward judo throw done by some girl ... guess who was thrown from an UPRIGHT position (a definite no-no in judo). X_X;;; My shoulder blades are aching, my back, although better, still is in pain, and my sprain's showing no sign of getting better. I hope I'll be fine. -_-;;; And of course, dancing just made everything WORSE. Plus, I STILL don't have any of the books I need for Polsci 14... @_@;;; The few things that's making me live through the rest of this week are the voice of Mahal and the Alichino manga I bought. ~_~ Oh, and the many friends I have who've gone through great lengths to surprise me on my birthday. (Though I really wish they hadn't - I wasn't completely surprised... ^_^;;;)

Anyways, I've still got TONS of schoolwork to do.


Wednesday, March 26, 2003

<--3/26/2003 08:25:00 PM-->

Gaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! My exams suck!!! ... And I can't find a way to make this blog public!!! T__________T If anyone, ANYONE at all can read this in public, please help me ok? I really need to know how this works...

<--3/26/2003 08:42:30 PM-->

On second thought... I've finally figured it out!!! ~______________~


Thursday, March 27, 2003

<--3/27/2003 05:38:14 PM-->
Goddamn those traffic jams in Metro Manila!!! >_<>
Yes, folks, I STILL haven't finished reading any of the other books (thank goodness I'm done with Under the Crescent Moon, though, but still...). I wasn't even able to return the books at once. And my head hurts from my suddenly vampiric sleeping habits. (Cherl-dono would've been proud. Hey, Cherl, how's Japan? \~_~/ )
My brain refuses to think. I really do hope my prof posts test questions, as from what I heard they helped a teenie bit in making the students pass in the last test. (Of course, that's still too little, but anyways... ^_^;;;) I better go.
Mode: Bitch Goddess (I hope the b-word shows!!! ;_;)

Friday, March 28, 2003

<--3/28/2003 10:43:36 PM-->
Please check out the KAKA FUN COLLECTIVE!

There, I've done it. My first site. Although it's actually a collective and most of my friends (who form the collective and the club where the collective is based on) will hate it because of its pink template (I didn't have a choice! Don't hurt me guys! T_T), I'm PROUD. ^___________________________________^

Will update when I've the time, but until then, ciao for now!

<--3/28/2003 09:18:49 PM-->
Isang tulog na lang, birthday na ni Miss D!!!

Tomorrow is already Miss D's debutante ball, and although I'd normally be excited, right now I'm TERRIFIED!!! @_@;;; Why, you may ask? Here are the reasons...

  1. I can't fit into my gown (I am FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!! T_T );
  2. My throat hurts (I have to sing);
  3. I KNOW I'll screw up during the dance, especially in the waltz;
  4. My brain is officially roasted
BTW, yes, I flunked my PolSci exam. No, my prof didn't put up test questions; yes, he made life difficult for all of us students.
I don't know though, he's such an amiable man too. -_-;;; Oh well...
I'll try to put up some buttons I have with me. I wanna link to some luvverrly Sailormoon sites. ~_~ They're the only things to keep me in high spirits right now.
Congrats to Spirited Away for winning Best Animated Motion Picture in the recently concluded Oscar Awards!!! \~o~/ Studio Ghibli the best!!!

Monday, March 31, 2003

<--3/31/2003 09:38:04 PM-->
Guys, visit these sites ok? ^_~ A friend of mine, Krystal, needs some promotion badly. Thanks!

Haruka Studios ~and~ My Xanga


Gosh, it's quite a shock to see myself sounding like this... as opposed to how I (generally) sound like NOW... >_>0

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