Friday, March 16, 2007

Pit Stop 23

Well, seeing as tomorrow today is the start of another lap in the race of my life, let me look back at everything I've gone past so far.

  1. Graduating from college
  2. Eurotrip!!!
  3. Getting a job pretty quickly - twice
  4. Getting in touch with old friends especially from Poveda
  5. Making many new friends especially through cosplay and RODCon
  6. Getting in touch with more senior college friends
  7. Learning more about myself and my capabilities
  8. Making the decision to stay fit and healthy - and actually keeping it
  9. NOT getting too sick, yay
  10. Remembering that many other things, and not my whims, must command my attention
  11. Reviving Reach Out Otaku, bit by bit
  12. Enjoying my job, finally (well it's not all THAT good, but I'm finding it much better now)

  1. Choosing to be an accounts manager in the marketing-advertising field, instead of a journalist, a writer or a production assistant
  2. Becoming the family breadwinner and taking over my older sister's duties (I didn't expect it to happen MUCH sooner)
  3. Being forced to confront my shadows (since the one thing that occupied my faculties enough to keep them in check and not remind me of them was school)

  1. Being an account executive in one of the crappiest below-the-line marketing companies alive, where I was hardly paid at all for all the work I did
  2. Lack of time or memorable bonding moments with my blockmates, some other college friends and ICTUS
  3. Never having enough money for myself or my loved ones
  4. Never having enough time for my loved ones
  5. Not knowing enough of the chores to do around the house (my sisters and I pretty much divided chores among ourselves and never really switched responsibilities)
  6. Spending my birthday working, and with very few of the people I wanted to spend it with so badly

Pit Stops:
  1. Turning 22
  2. Graduating from college
  3. Working and earning money
  4. Turning 23

Though I'm still not as recharged as I'd hoped to be, I'm definitely ready to go through the next lap of my life.

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